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Welcome to [personal profile] novel_machinist's fanfic journal! I've dusted this off to get back into writing and get back to fandom. I think I spent too much time on Tumblr and not enough time doing my own stuff. I have a massive list of fandoms that I get into and out of on whims. Currently I'm writing fanfic for Hannibal mostly. But that doesn't mean that you won't find other things here on occasion. I love horror stuff and creepy things in general, Fatal Frame, Silent Hill, and things like that are going to probably show up as well. I'm also fairly good with comedy, but I have to be in the mood to write it. I'm trying, though.

Feel free to subscribe and follow, but this is a fanfic journal so I won't follow back on this account. Instead, you can follow me on my personal journal, [personal profile] novel_machinist

Current Working Fanfic

It's Always Sunny in Pacific Rim
What it says on the tin, the Gang deals with Charlie's cousin, Newton and Newton's partner Hermann. Silly stories, shorts, and nothing serious here. Expect to see descriptions like

"The Gang thinks that Charlie has been kidnapped and turned into a super human, super smart, super tattooed sex robot. There's also a giant rat in the bar."

Folie à Trois
While investigating the murder of Mary Sunderland by her husband, James, Will Graham and Doctor Hannibal Lecter end up getting drawn into someone else's madness for once. Graham is used to the ghosts of others, his own, however, aren't something he wants anyone else to see.

Hannibal Fandom
The Wolfman Killer was one of America's most prolific and dangerous serial killers with what was assumed to be a fifteen year history and over 90 confirmed victims. He was working as a criminal profiler for the FBI out of Quantico before he was found out by Agent Jack Crawford. He has to date refused to give up the location of his last sixteen victims. Agent Crawford called in one of the best minds he could to take on the case.

This AU fic that explores the question ″what if Will Graham snapped before he met Hannibal Lecter?″

“The mirrors in your mind can reflect the best of yourself, not the worst of someone else.”

Will Graham's problem isn't that he sees the violence in people and takes it as his own. It's that the violence in people makes him realize his own vast potential for the same. It's not exactly people that scare him as much as the idea that he may enjoy "justice" more than he admits. What if the best of himself is not so far off from someone else's worst?

This series takes things that I loved from the books, the movies, and the new series and tries to tie them all together with what I want to happen. There will be some deviations from all canons, and I will pick and choose certain canons over the others. This will mostly try to follow the TV series. I'm absolutely in love with Will Graham's violent side and Hannibal's reactions to it.

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