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Fandom: Hannibal TV Series
Rating + Warnings: R No Unusual Warnings Apply
Word Count: 2,316
External Link: Wolf by [a03.org profile] drakonlily
Summary: The Wolfman Killer was one of America's most prolific and dangerous serial killers with what was assumed to be a fifteen year history and over 90 confirmed victims. He was working as a criminal profiler for the FBI out of Quantico before he was found out by Agent Jack Crawford. He has to date refused to give up the location of his last sixteen victims. Agent Crawford called in one of the best minds he could to take on the case.

This AU fic that explores the question ″what if Will Graham snapped before he met Hannibal Lecter?″

The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it. - Flannery O'Connor )
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