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Title: Obligation
Fandom: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors
Rating: PG13
Warnings:SPOILERS for the game within. Do not read if you haven't played through and at least gotten the coffin ending

There was a caterpillar in her stomach. Clover worried her lip with her teeth and then sighed. The steering wheel felt too hard, as though the soft part of the plastic had vanished somewhere between her home and where she was going.

“This bothers you?” She hadn't meant to tip her brother off to her discomforts. Of course there really wasn't much she could keep from her brother, blind or not.

She thought a while about how to word herself. “I don't like being obligated.” Clover said finally, her eyes never left the stretch of highway. That was, in truth where they were headed, to an obligation. Watching people die together meant that you were expected to do things when they called. It wasn't as though you had a choice. The remaining seven of them were bound by much more than friendship. Really, Clover wouldn't even call them friends. June- damn their real names, people had real names- had killed two men to save her life. She'd used Santa as a willing partner.

Even if Ace had deserved his sentence, even if he had confessed, what she had done wasn't without its scars.

“Would you have done the same?” Snake asked her as though he could read her thoughts.

The wheel squeaked under Clover's hands. “I would have done anything to save you.” She said finally.

“And I you.”

“But I wouldn't have killed to save myself.”

“Is there much a difference?” Snake paused himself. “If it had been Santa who had planned it all, would that have made you feel better?”

She didn't like remembering the dry feeling in her mouth that this brought up. When she had thought that her brother lay dead on a dirty bathroom floor in pieces Clover had shut down. She felt like she was a husk and that her grip upon reality was sliding from her. She had only been eighteen when everything happened. Since Snake had lost his vision she was supposed to look out for him and protect him. Clover hadn't realized until that moment just how truly capable of murder she was. In that moment, however, she could have killed them all. Her hands were starting to hurt before she finally replied. “No, I suppose it wouldn't.”

“Everyone is capable of murder, Clover.” The moment they got into the car their real names had drifted to the wayside. Left in their apartment next to the coat closet was a portion of their humanity. “The best of us must be desperate first.”

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