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Fandom: Hannibal TV Series
Characters: Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham
Rating + Warnings: R, grim subject matter
Word Count: 939
Summary: Will Graham is known for being able to get into other people's heads. The problem is that someone wants into his...


"Graham was pacing in the ″Game Room″ as the cops called it. He was tossing and turning the murders over in his mind. Before -well, still- currently, everyone was blaming Hobbs on the girl found in the field. But he knew it wasn't. It wasn't him because he wouldn't have done that. Hobbs didn't want to hurt anyone. Hobbs killed Elise. Hobbs killed to keep people from leaving him. The dead couldn't abandon him alone. His wife...

Loneliness and the fear of abandonment crashed around the room like a weight pressing down on Graham's chest. If someone is dead they can't leave. Hobbs was abandoned by his mother. If someone is dead they can't leave. He was left by his first wife, his daughter's mother. If someone is dead they can't leave. He couldn't keep a job and his wife was going to leave him again. When she is dead she can't leave. No one can leave you if they are dead, they are dead and the dead stay forever and I---

Fake cut to Lonely
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